Pike fishing tips| Five great tips & Tricks for pike

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Here are some of the best pike fishing tips that we could find to help everyone from the novice angler all the way to the experience piker.Take a look at these great pike tips to help you catch more next time you’re on the bank.

We have gathered some of the best pike fishing tips from Dave Horton who landed one of the best hauls of big pike in recent history consisting of five fish for over 150lb!

The Essex based anglers pike weighed in at 36lb 8oz, 32lb 8oz, 29lb 8oz, 29lb 4oz and 23lb 12oz. 

it’s safe to say that Dave is no stranger to pike fishing, having spent the majority of his angling career chasing them throughout the British Isles and Ireland, claiming “It’s my thing!”

His record is nothing short of exceptional either, having landed 30 pike over the magical 30lb mark, topped by a personal best of 37lb 4oz. He’s had 100 pike over the remarkable 25lb-plus mark, and is only one fish shy of 300 20lb-plus fish to his name, although we’re sure it won’t be long until he breaks the barrier!

We asked Dave to put together a few monster pike tips, to help you catch one! As you will see, it’s paramount to be first…

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1) Arrive First!

“Whether it means arriving first, or being the first to fish a venue. In the case of Chew, I had arrived early to secure the spot I wanted, I also purchased the predator ticket so I could be first on the venue after the eight week shut”


2) Fresh is best!

“Ensure your bait is in first class condition and as fresh as possible, don’t skimp on bait as it’s the final piece of the jigsaw, the difference between a successful picture and an unsuccessful one. I highly recommend online baits UK”

3) Get your bait out quickly!

“Big pike feed in short sharp spells, when you catch a fish get a bait back out straight away, a prime example of this is my recent session, where three of the pike fell within a 30-minute feeding spell”

4) Position your bait carefully!

“Positioning your bait in a manner that any moving fish will approach it first, will result in you having the greatest opportunity to catch it. On popular venues it pays to be at the end of a group of anglers, rather than in the middle”

5) Be prepared!

“I often think I make a lot of my catches long before I wet a line, I like to be completely prepared. Being in the right spot, at the right time, with the right kit, bait and mind set, only occur through preparation. This haul of pike didn’t happen by accident!”

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