How to mix your groundbait right with Tommy Pickering

Whether you fish the float or feeder this week there is a very good chance that groundbait will play a part in your attack.

Getting your mix right is a key part of whether you experience a red-letter day or have a session to forget. This week I reveal my five steps on how to perfectly mix your groundbait.


The first thing you should do when you get to your swim is take a large bucket and tip all of your groundbait into it. Two kilos is usually enough for a full day session.


Add one pint of water for every kilo of groundbait you have in the bucket. There is no need to trickle the water in – tip it all into the bucket at once.


Thoroughly mix the groundbait and water with your hands to blend it all together. Keep doing this until all the puddles of water have gone. The groundbait should seep through your fingers when you squeeze it at this point and it now needs to be left to stand for half an hour.


After half an hour add another eighth of a pint of water and mix it in. Allow this to settle for a few minutes and then run the mix through a riddle. You will then be left with light and fluffy groundbait that has the ability to draw lots of fish into your peg without overfeeding them.