Five top tips for your best-ever roach!

It’s well known that specifically targeting big stillwater roach can be tricky. As water temperatures rise, ravenous small fish are quick to clean up a baited area and attack a carefully presented hookbait.

So what can you do to make sure you bank the biggest roach in your swim? Here, exclusively,  are Phil Spink's best tips and tactics to help you beat your personal best this season…

try open-water swims

Big gravel-pit roach tend to hang out in open water, and this is where I’ve had the most success. You won’t get as many bites as you would fishing closer in, but the fish will be bigger.

Bait up regularly 

Keep the bait going in. I recast my feeders regularly and also use a Spomb or a spod to introduce baits such as corn, maggots and casters over the top.

Use marker sticks 

Be accurate. I use marker sticks to measure out both the rods that I’m fishing with and the ones I’m feeding with. Time doing this is well spent.

The short fluoro hooklinks

A 6lb fluorocarbon hooklink will minimise tangles. I tie mine as short as I can, which usually turn out at around 3ins.

Feed little and often

Don’t pile all the bait in at the start. Feeding little-and-often, as you would in a match, is the key to success.