Five great pike fishing tips for urban angling.

The time to start pike fishing is now so we’ve gone to urban canal specialist Tom Synnott and Sean Edwards for their best pike fishing tips to help you go out and catch a pike this winter. Whether you need tips on bait or strategy we will have you covered. b

Sean Big pike last season.jpg


1) Travel light

The great thing about pike fishing is that all you need is a rod, reel, mat, lure box and a net. We connect ours to our bags using magnets so it quickly pulls off and we’re ready to net as soon as needed. 

2) Cary your lures

Pike can be very picky with what they want to take so make sure you take a small selection of all s of lures including spinnerbaits, swimbaits, cranks, jigheads and jerksters. Pike certainly prefer different things on different days so go armed.

3) Target Bridges

Pike love to shelter underneath overhanging trees which make bridges a fantastic alternative in urban locations you can find loads of tree replacements and, in our opinion, eight out of 10 times they have resident pike under them.

4) Fish the “hang”

When is comes to working a swimbait in the water, give it a twitch and let it sink for two seconds. Nine times out of 10, pike will hit the lure as it’s falling through the water column. This is called the ‘hang’.

5) Walk the dog

After 10 casts in each swim, throw your lure out and walk to the next feature as if you are ‘walking the dog’. 

We’ve caught so many pike trolling the lure by walking along the canal, and the longer your lure is in the water, the more likely you are to hook a fish!