A groundbait-only approach for skimmers and bream in cold water – Rob Wootton

A groundbait-only approach for skimmers and bream in cold water - Rob Wootton

by Richard Grange |
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The rulebook on fishing for skimmers and bream will always tell you to use groundbait and pack it with particles. Casters, squatts, micro pellets, dead maggots, whatever that may be, the advice is to put plenty in.

And while I can’t argue with that in summer when the fish are hungry and active, when the water is still cold it becomes a very different scenario. Those skimmers aren’t as voracious, and adding too many particles to a mix can actually make things worse rather than better.

Here's how I approach the fishing, give it a go yourself...

<strong>Don't be afraid to leave out the particles for skimmers whilst the water is still cold</strong>

Choose the right mix

I like Dynamite Baits Swim Stim Silver Fish Dark, finely riddled and mixed to a damp, heavy consistency.

Dynamite Baits Silverfish Dark groundbait

Start with a big pot

Half a large pot of loose groundbait creates a bed to work over. It also forms a cloud, great in shallow water.

Start with half a pot of bait

Kinder in the top up

Feed again with a little of the mix to reset the peg. Then rest the swim for a few minutes before going back.

Top up the swim with a small pot

Pinkies edge it!

A single dead red maggot or two pieces of worm are good, but my winter winner is always two fluoro pinkies.

Pinkies are a great hookbait for skimmers!

Catch on the ‘settle’

In shallow water for skimmers a light float is called for, my own favourite being a Malman Dusty in a 4x12 size.

Use a light pole float

Keep things light

In clear water, a 4ins-long 0.10mm hooklength to an 18 Kamasan B911 F1 hook will still land any bonus big fish.

Keep things light

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