How to fish the pellet cone


Pellet cones are great little tools for making compressed cylinders of micro pellets that sit on your hooklength, just above your baited hook.

These little parcels of strongly-scented goodies will quickly draw the attention of nearby carp, tench and bream, leading them to follow the smelly trail and quickly find your hook bait.

When cast out they put the micro pellet loosefeed in a small area around your hookbait - absolutely perfect.

It’s best fished on a straight lead rig with hair-rigged hookbaits such as mini boilies, corn and pellets, and is ideal for fishing for carp, tench and bream on commercials.

Use a rig which allows you to clip your 12ins hooklength on and off your rig. And it's also advisable to tie quite a few spare rigs too, just in case you suffer a breakage, the hook becomes blunt or the hair becomes damaged in any way.

Here's how to set up and use a pellet cone in five quick and easy steps... 

Step 1


Soak a pint of 2mm or 3mm micro pellets in cold water for around 30secs, then drain and leave for 30mins. This should make them soft enough to stick together.

Step 2


Select the required size of cone and fill with pellets. Compress the pellets inside the cone tightly to ensure they are well packed in.

Step 3


Thread a baiting needle through the cone and pull your baited hooklength back through the cone by attaching the loop in the end of the hooklength to the needle.

Step 4


Pull the hook into the cone so that the hookbait sits directly underneath the cone. Remove the pellet cone by pushing at the thin end of the cone and slide it off your hooklength.

Step 5


Clip the loop on the end of the hooklength back into the snap link swivel, then you are ready to cast out.