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The Big One Show Tickets

The Big One Show Tickets

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Get tickets to the Big One Show! Britain's biggest angling event!

Here's a guide to the weights of each non-toxic and lead split shot available to buy in the UK. It's ideal for helping you to shot your pole and float rigs perfectly to suit the conditions, depths and presentation you desire...

Split shot size Weight Shot equivalent

3SSG 4.8g 6 x AAA

2SSG 3.2g 4 x AAA

LG 3g -

LSG 2g -

SSG 1.6g 2 x AAA

AAA 0.8g 2 x BB

AB 0.6g 2 x No1

BB 0.4g 2 x No4

No1 0.3g 3 x No6

No3 0.25g 2 x No6

No4 0.2g 3 x No9

No5 0.15g 2 x No8

No6 0.1g 2 x No10

No8 0.06g 2 x No11

No9 0.05g -

No10 0.04g 2 x No12

No11 0.03g -

No12 0.02g 2 x No13

No13 0.01g -

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