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If you are elasticating a pole for the first time and you are unsure of which strength elastic to use, and how many sections you need to thread it through, here's a guide to help you along...

Elastic strength No of pole sections Target venue and species

No 1 - No 3 Top-1 kit Canals. Gudgeon, bleak, small rudd, small perch, small skimmers, ruffe

No 4 - No 6 Top-2 kit Rivers, canals and lakes. Roach, rudd, perch, skimmers, small chub, carp and tench.

No 8 - No 12 Match top-3 or power top-2 kit River, canal or lake. Carp, tench, chub, bream.

No 14 - No 18 Match top-3 or power top-2 kit Lakes. Tench and carp in open water.

No 20-plus Power top-2 kit Lakes. Big carp or for margin fishing close to snags.

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