Steve Ringer's Guide to Pole Fishing


Here is Steve Ringer's Guide to Pole Fishing...

"Welcome to my Angling Times guide to fishing the pole in association with Daiwa!

When I started fishing, poles were a rarity and often rubbish - too short, too heavy and too droopy - but how times have changed. Today even a £500 pole is a beauty and working with Daiwa, I've had hands-on experience of developing tackle that I just know will help any angler, regardless of their ability.

But there's more to pole fishing than owning a good pole. Like any method it needs thought putting into rigs, baits, feed and feeding strategies, plus where and when to fish in the peg. This super little guide will set you on the oad to a busy summer's fishing on commercial carp waters.

There's sound advice on buying and rigging up a pole, float choice and rigs, elastics, accessories and articles on four common pole approaches on carp waters - the margins, fishing shallow, silverfish and snake lake work.

If you're a beginner to the pole it'll be invaluable, but even experienced pole anglers will pick up a few gems of information too - after all, in fishing we never stop learning!"

Steve Ringer