How to create the perfect PVA bait stringer

PVA string or tape is the perfect medium for feeding full or broken boilies right next to your hookbait. A short length - say 12 inches - can make or break a session by ensuring that you present a neat little pile of free offerings right where it counts, and that's next to your hook.

This technique, clearly detailed below, can be used when fishign for carp, tench, barbel, chub, bream or catfish.

It can be used for presenting half boilies, full boilies, meat, drilled pellets and even drilled Chum Mixers accurately, and the bext of it is, because a string of bait doesn't weigh much, it can be cast very easily upon Avon rods or lightweight carp rods.

Here's how to make a bait stringer in six easy steps...


1. What you need: PVA tape, stringer needle, sharp scissors and several boilies or large pellets.

2. Cut off 15cm of the PVA tape.


3. Thread your boilies on to the needle, fold the tape over and hook your needle over the tape. Halve some of the boilies to help fl avour release.

4. Gently slide your baits from needle on to tape. Leave a 5mm gap between the baits on the tape and ensure the double thickness of tape goes through all the bait.


5. To prevent the hair tangling on the cast, use a small piece of separate PVA tape to tie the hair tightly to the hook bend.

6. Finally, attach the stringer the hook by pushing the hook points through the tape. Cast her in!