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This is THE rig to use if you are targeting specimen perch. Although it’s quite simple to tie, the components you will need are quite specialised but can be bought from all good tackle shops.

A Run Ring is a must because this provides a large diameter bore through which the line passes, therefore resistance is kept to a minimum. Big perch will drop a legered bait if they feel the slightest resistance.

The Run Ring will need covering with some silicone tubing to prevent tangles, and then a snap link swivel can be clipped to the Run Ring so that any weight of lead can be used quickly and easily.

The best hooklength lines should be soft, supple and camouflaged – either a braid or clear mono is ideal. Length needs to be between 2ft and 4ft.

One of the best baits for big perch is a couple of lobworms, so this means that the hook will need to be quite large. A size 4 wide gape will be ideal, preferably barbed so that the worms remain on the hook.

A Use a Run Ring followed by a bead and a swivel. The Run Ring reduces the amount of resistance to the taking fish.

B The size and weight of lead ought to suit the distance that you intend casting. You could switch the lead for a feeder crammed with red maggots or chopped worms if you wish.

C It’s best to incorporate a snap link swivel into this rig so you can change the lead quickly at any stage during the session.

D Use a large swivel and a very strong knot to lock on your hooklength as there’s every chance you may encounter a large tench, carp or bream fishing with this rig.

E Hooklengths need to be strong and short – 2ft to 4ft is ideal and between 4lb and 8lb is best.

F When fishing with two lobworms hook them in the saddle with a wide gape size 4 hook.

G Chop and change your baits between using whole lobworms and broken lobworms to find out which bait the fish respond to best.

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