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This rig is ideal for both pike and zander, close in or at long range. It is very simple to create and can be used in water of all depths as the float is not locked at a specific depth - it slides along the line until it hits a stop knot.

A Use a powergum stop knot followed by a bead to prevent the float from sliding all the way up the line. This rig works best when the float's depth is set deeper than the water, eg set the rig to 12ft deep when fishing in 8-10ft of water.

B Mainline needs to be at least 12lb breaking strain. This rig is best used with mono rather than braid.

C Use a bead here to prevent the sliding float from hitting the knot and the wire trace, potentially damaging it upon the cast or when playing the fish.

D Place enough large split shot upon the wire trace to anchor the rig. You may need 3SSG shot at least.

E Mount the deadbait tail first and cut off the fish's head to ensure that the juices escape, adding attraction to the bait.

F The best float to use when fishing with this rig is a straight balsa, often referred to as a pencil float. Avoid using loaded pencil floats as they simply are not sensitive enough to provide instant bite detection.

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