Crucian Carp Float Fishing Rig

Paul Garner shares his pole float on rod and line set up

Crucian Carp Float Fishing Rig

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Lots of anglers now use the method feeder for crucians, but if the weather is good and it’s not too windy, I prefer to use a sensitive float rig when targeting these shy-biting creatures.

As most crucian fishing is at close range, my favourite pattern is a light pole float, but fished on rod and line, targeting the flat area where the marginal slope levels off.

I set the hookbait – a 6mm hooker pellet, corn or maggots – to be just tripping bottom, and prime the swim with three tangerine-sized balls of groundbait while I set everything up. Then it’s just a case of introducing another ball after every bite.

I’ve had my best crucian catches early in the morning and late in the evening, so be sure to be on the bank at these times. One final tip is to only strike at proper dips of the float. Gentle line bites that cause the float to sway and wobble are common with crucians, so ignore these if you can!

Pole float crucian rig
Pole float crucian rig

The rig...

Float: Lightweight pole float, with tip dotted right down

Mainline: 4lb monofilament

Bulk shot: Set at three-quarter depth to get bait down through nuisance fish

Hooklink: 3lb monofilament

Hook: Size 16 baited with a hooker pellet, corn or maggots

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