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Learn how to tie one of the best chub fishing rigs with these easy steps. For more chub fishing rigs check out our rigs page here.

A) Lines and hooks

For chub, a 4lb-5lb mainline and a low-diameter hooklength of a slightly lesser breaking strain are advised. As for hooks, these should be size 16 or 14, strong but not overly thick in the wire.

B) Shotting pattern

Shot can be fished as a bulk well down the line, with a single smaller dropper shot below. In really shallow swims the lack of depth means there’s little time for the fish to see the bait falling. In deeper water you can adopt a spread-out shirt button-style pattern as here, and use smaller No6 shot to achieve a more natural fall of the bait.

C) Feeding

Loosefeed maggots, casters and hemp, with single or double maggot or caster on the hook. Feed and cast slightly downstream, and keeping the bail-arm open, pay out line to achieve a smooth trot – strike by trapping your finger on the spool. Mend the line to stay in contact with the float.

D) Float size

This is a positive tactic so you’ll not need small, delicate floats. Select a model with an alloy stem for stability and a highly visible domed top to see the float at distance. Allow a No4 shot for every 12ins of water, so in a swim 3ft deep that means a float taking three No4 shot.

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