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One of the easier chub fishing rigs to tie makes this a deadly tactic for when you are next out on the bank. To see more chub fishing rigs like this, check out our rig page here

A) Hookbaits

By and large, double maggot is a popular choice. Go for reds or whites – chub really like these colours, especially in clear water, but don’t be afraid to try a bigger bait if small fish are a nuisance.

B) Hooks and lines

Except in snags, a soft through-actioned specialist rod lets you fish safely with size 18 or even 20 hooks if you don’t try to pull the heads off the fish - use a brand designed for bigger fish. A mainline of 4lb-5lb, coupled with a hooklength of 0.12mm or 0.14mm low-diameter line, caps things off.

C) Feeder size

Feeder size depends on the number of small fish present. If there are lots of them, a big feeder is needed to ensure some bait is left over to keep the bigger fish happy, but in colder weather when appetites are low, a tiny cut-down feeder holding just half-a-dozen maggots will get an indication when nothing else will.

D) Length of hooklink

As in most types of feeder fishing, this can change throughout the day. In clear water a longer link keeps the bait away from the feeder in among the maggots being washed down the peg by the flow. However, with colour in the river, chub can home in on the feeder and a very short link puts your bait right next to where the maggots are exiting.

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