The adjustable zig rig

As the temperatures begin to rise this clever set-up will enable you to change the depth of your hookbait and search the water column for carp

Carp can spend much of their time up in the water column, especially in spring when the surface layers are warmed by the strengthening sun. 

You could fish the margins or on top of gravel bars to present a bottom bait at the same depth as the carp, but in deeper venues a zig rig that presents a buoyant bait in mid-water can be much better. While this tactic is most often used on prolific venues, it has also accounted for some very large carp in recent years.

The adjustable zig not only works in any depth of water, but enables the height of the bait to be instantly adjusted, simply by retrieving or releasing line to reset the float height. The float also creates a bolt-effect, making bites easier to hit with fewer opportunities missed. You can also use the float to quickly gauge the depth of the swim. Try starting with the zig bait at half depth. If this produces no bites, then let the bait rise closer to the surface until you find the carp.

How to tie 

Tie a size 10 Nash Fang Gaper hook to a one-metre length of 10lb Zig Line using a simple ten-turn knotless knot


Thread a Zig Aligner on to the hook so that the banded section sits opposite the point of the hook like this

Stretch the band on the Zig Aligner and insert zig foam. Place the black foam on the bottom so it’s easier for carp to see it from below

Tie a Ring Swivel to the other end of the hooklength using a twice-through-the-eye, four-turn grinner knot

Thread the metal ring and Zig Float on to the mainline. The metal ring ensures that the float will rise even when fished in weed

Tie the Ring Swivel to the end of the mainline using a four-turn grinner knot and pull into the hole on the top of the Zig Float