Three pellet waggler rigs to fish this weekend!

A waggler is the most versatile float of all, capable of catching fish from rivers, canals, commercials and massive natural lakes.

But within the waggler family there are groups of floats that have very definite roles to perform. These include the pellet waggler for distance fishingup in the water, and see- through plastic floats for use on gin clear waters.

At this time of year, when the weather can change drastically from one day to the next, being adaptable is the key to catching.

To make sense of the types of waggler, how the rig should be set up and the best baits and feeds to use, try these rigs that will cover just about every base over the next few weeks…

Insert waggler rig for silver fish

Fish can be caught on commercials at a range of depths in spring, so if there was one versatile float to pick it’d have to be the insert waggler. This rig is a simple to make waggler set-up for tackling a typical lake swim up to 8ft deep. 

Waggler rig for tench

There are few more evocative sights in fishing than a float poised next to a patch of lilies, ringed by the tell-tale pinhead bubbles of feeding tench. This rig allows you to fish what’s known as the ‘lift’ method, using a large shot on the lakebed.

Tench waggler.jpg

Pellet waggler rig

The pellet waggler rig is all the rage right now but how do you fish it? Well setting the pellet waggler up is  easy to do and a brilliant option in May and June when the weather starts to warm up.

OCTOBER 2007 DIA 011.jpg