How to tie the snowman rig

If you can’t decide whether to use a bottom bait or a pop-up rig, then why not try a snowman instead... it’s the best of both worlds! 

In essence, it’s a standard boilie threaded on to a hair rig, with a smaller pop-up threaded on after it. Once on the bottom, the pop-up stands proud, acting like a beacon to any passing carp. Such a bait arrangement allows you to mix and match your baits. For example, you could use a dull, fishy-flavoured bottom boilie, with a bright, fruity pop-up. 

Snowman rigs are highly versatile and can be used with any lead set-up, and with just about any length or type of hooklink.  

How to tie

Strip back about 6ins of the outer layer from the coated braid. Form a small overhand loop in the end.

Secure a small metal rig ring loosely in place with an overhand knot, just below the hair loop.

Set the rig ring about 1.5ins from end of the loop, then secure firmly with a second granny knot.

Position the rig ring opposite the hook’s barb, then attach the hook using a knotless knot.

At this point you can add a hook aligner over the eye of the hook. This will help with hook-ups.

Finally, add a few small ‘mouse droppings’ of tungsten putty to the hooklink to nail it to the deck.