How to tie | The rocket feeder carp rig

There are many different ways of catching carp up in the water, but one of the most effective is the Rocket Feeder. 

As the name suggests, this is a floating feeder that is open at one end, enabling it to be filled with lightly dampened pellets or groundbait, which should be mixed so that it quickly exits the feeder once cast out. 

Unlike other tactics, the Rocket Feeder is ideal for use with larger pellets, such as 8mm baits, enabling the angler to introduce sizable food items – ideal for larger carp. The feeder can also be cast long distances, thanks to its aerodynamic shape, so it’s useful when carp are beyond pellet waggler range. 

The shape of the feeder means that it acts as a very effective bolt-rig when a carp takes the bait. In fact, it is essential to use strong line with this tactic to avoid being broken on the take. A minimum of 6lb is recommended. 

Set the Rocket Feeder about 4ft above the hook then, as the carp become more accustomed to the stream of bait, move the float stops down so that the hookbait is just 2ft deep. 

On heavily stocked carp fisheries the Rocket Feeder is an absolute winner at this time of the year. Get on it now! 

Slide a float stop on to the mainline, followed by the Rocket Feeder, and then fix two further float stops to lock it in place

Adjust the float stops to lock the feeder in position. Having two stops below the feeder ensures that it will not move on the cast 

The feeder should be locked about 3ft above the end of the mainline

Tie a figure-of-eight knot in the end of the mainline to form a small loop which you will attach the hooklength to

Use a four-turn grinner knot to attach the hook. Use a clear line a this is less visible when fishing up in the water

The hooklength should be 1ft long and attached to the mainline using a loop-to-loop knot. Attach the hookbait using a bait band