How to tie the knotless knot hair rig

The knotless knot hair rig is perhaps the most valuable of all knots for those anglers who wish to catch a big fish.

The reason why it's so valuable is because it allows the angler to easily and quickly tie a rig that enables the bait to be presented off the hook.

It might sound strange to a newcomer that the bait should be presented away from the hook, but tying the rig in this way ensures that the fish does not feel the hook the instant it takes the bait, and also that the point of the hook remains proud at all times, creating a superb hookhold each and every time.

Using the knotless knot hair rig also allows baits that can't otherwise be presented directly on to the hook - like rock hard pellets and pop-up boilies.

Those baits can be drilled right through to allow the hair to be threaded through them, then locked in place using a boilie or hair stop.

Here's how to tie it...



Tie a tiny loop in the end of your hooklength line, trim off the tag end and thread the line through the back of your eyed hook.



Pull the hooklength through the eye of the hook until the hair hangs the desired length from the bend of the hook. Now hold the hair securely and begin whipping the hooklength around the hook shank and the hair.



Keep the whipping as tight as possible, continuing whipping down the hook shank until they sit adjacent to the point of the hook. Now make one final whip up and on top of the previous whippings. Finally thread the end of the hooklength through the back of the hook's eye once more. Pull and tie to your mainline or rig.