How to tie a Zig rig to catch carp mid-water

The zig-rig is a devastating rig for catching carp when they are feeding high in the water, in mid-water and feeding right on the surface.

It works around the same principle as a standard semi-fixed bolt rig – the only difference is the length of the hooklength.

The lead set-up is very simple. Here it comprises a large swivel lead attached to the line using a safety clip. A swivel joins the mainline to the hooklength, but here it’s covered in a short length of tubing to prevent tangles.

The hooklength must be a clear line (fluorocarbon is best) so as not to spook the fish, and the length of it must be shallower than the depth of water.

To find the water depth you may need to use a marker float set up, then from this you will be able to find the depth and then create a hooklength long enough to present the bait at the required depth – sometimes just 6in under the surface works best – sometimes mid-depth will get you more bites.

Bite registration ought to be the same set-up as you normally use – an alarm and an indicator.


A Remember to use a length of tubing over the swivel as this will prevent tangles.

B Fluorocarbon line is best for this rig, but clear mono will also catch you fish.

C Use a large pop-up boilies as this will provide the buoyancy to suspend the bait well off the bottom.

D In mild water conditions, a bait presented at mid-water will gain you more takes.

E Use a gripper-style lead to hold the bottom securely as you will never know if you have cast your rig onto a steeply-shelving bottom.