How to make a surface controller rig for floater fishing

Fishing for carp off the top with a surface controller rig is perhaps one of the most exciting ways to catch carp. You can see them patrolling the upper layers looking for food, and that can send the adrenaline levels off the scale as the huge barrel-like shapes approach your hookbait.

But, although it’s an exciting technique, it’s incredibly frustrating too as hitting bites can be extremely difficult – the carp can nudge the bait or at best take it and spit it out well before you’ve managed to strike the hook home.

One way to prevent this happening is to use a semi-fixed bubble float bolt rig on the surface – it’s deadly, camouflaged against the water’s surface and self-hooking.

Take a look at the diagram below to find out what you need to create this brilliant surface rig.


A Use a substantial mainline such as 8-12lb breaking strain. You’ll need mainline strong enough to land the fish you’re targeting.

B The Fox In-Line Controller Floats are clear, they can be filled with water, they are almost invisible to fish and they can be semi-fixed upon the line. Open up the two plugs and submerge until they are half-full with water. Now thread it upon your line.

C Tie on a size 12 swivel to the end of your mainline and push it into the base of the controller float to fix it in place.

D Your hooklength line needs to be strong, clear and of a low diameter. Clear high-tech pole lines are perfect for this, and 8lb to 10lb breaking strain is about right.

E Attach your buoyant hookbait by either gluing it to the back of the hook shank, using a bait band or by hair-rigging it.