How to make a bagging waggler rig for catching big carp match weights

This bagging waggler rig is one of the easiest and safest rigs you can use to catch loads of carp in matches. It takes seconds to set up and can provide you with frantic sport and huge weights in the warmer weather.

You will need a bagging waggler float (the type with a large balsa body and a weighted frame feeder on the base), a lead clip and tail rubber (the type used by carp anglers to create helicopter rigs), robust mainline of around 8-10lb, robust hooklength of around 8lb, a powerful hook and a robust bait such as a small brightly coloured sinking boilies.


A Your bagging waggler needs to be large and robust. Check any weak points between the float and the feeder frame for damage before you set up as the float will go through a lot of abuse in a session.

B Check your mainline thoroughly. It also needs to be strong and damage-free as this will also go through a lot of abuse with frequent casting and retrieving. 8-10lb mainline is ideal.

C Your groundbait should be soft and fluffy. Method Mix is too sticky for this technique – normal carp style mixes are better, mixed slightly damper than you would mix groundbait for feeder fishing.

D Use a lead clip and tail rubber for attaching your float to your mainline. Thread the mainline through the tail rubber, then the lead clip and tie a size 12 swivel onto the end of your mainline. The float should be attached to the lead clip and the tail rubber pushed over the plastic hook to hold it in place.

E Your hooklength needs to be up to the job. 8lb high-tech line is a good starting point, but you may need to step up to 10lb if there are really big fish present. The length will depend upon the depth at which the fish are feeding. Experimentation is the key here and a good starting point will be about 2-3ft, but expect to shallow this length as the session progresses.

F Hair-rigged baits are best, and boilies are tough enough to withstand this style of fishing. You can catch numerous carp on the same boilies. A wide gape size 12 or 10 hook coupled with a white or brightly coloured midi boilies is perfect.