Chub fishing rig | Link leger rig

Wanting an easy way to catch chub? Then look no further than this great rig that will help you catch more next time you are on you local river! 

Chub link legered bread rig.jpg


A large piece of bread flake is often impossible for a chub to refuse. They are also suckers for natural baits, such as lobworms and slugs. 


A mainline with a breaking strain of around 6lb is ideal for this style of fishing, as it is strong enough to cope with the harsh snags in the river, along with stopping powerful summer chub, which fight relentlessly. 


A big size 6 or 4 tied direct to your mainline helps create a strong hookhold, and a suitable frame for attaching large baits. Don’t be afraid to use a hook this large – chub have bucket-sized mouths!

Link Leger

If necessary, a link leger can be easily created by trapping a separate section of monofilament between float stops. On to this, pinch SSG shot to add the required weight to hold bottom. That said, you will generally get a better response from a bait which isn’t static, meaning it may be best to have just enough weight to ‘bounce’ the bait across the bottom in the flow.