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Struggling to find good chub fishing spots near you? Well, worry no more as we have put together a list of the best rivers within the north where you can go and bag up on big chub! Let us know if we are missing some of your favourite venues and we can add them to the list.


River Trent, Cromwell, Newark

Every year there is an abundance of accidental captures of big chub to barbel anglers on this river. With the amount of high protein pellet and boilie entering the system it’s no surprise the chub have exceeded weights of 8lb, with regular 6lb and 7lb fish making an appearance. Specimen tactics may be the way to go for a monster, as most sections holding good numbers of smaller chub, which will produce great sport on lighter tackle. Areas at Fiskerton and Rolleston are fishable on a day ticket.

Prices: £6 per day

Contact: 01636 830230, Fiskerton Post Office

River Dane, Middlewich, Cheshire

Middlewich Joint Anglers own the fishing rights to the river upstream and downstream of the Byley Bridge, a stretch boasts a massive head of chub which can be caught on an array of tactics. There is a good depth here making it ideal for running a stickfloat, building the swim by feeding maggots little and often for bags of fish to around 4lb. A roving approach fishing with traditional baits will also score.

Prices: £5 per day in advance, membership £40 per year.

Contact: 01606 833853, Daves of Middlewich


River Swale, Morton-on-Swale, N Yorks

A great river for bags of chub, simple trotting tactics produce plenty of bites, classic baits such as hemp and caster or maggots fed little and often for best results. Areas around Morton-on-Swale are noted spots, the fishing here is controlled by Northallerton AC who own four miles of the river, the section below Morton bridge is available on a day ticket.

Prices: Day ticket £5 available from Royal George Pub

Contact: 01609 771117, Northallerton AC

River Ure, Ripon, N Yorks

The ‘stream water stretch’ of the Ure at Ripon boasts an impressive head of chub, big bags can be expected with weights exceeding 100lb not unheard of. Maggots, casters and bread are the favoured baits, best delivered on trotted float tactics. The fishing is run by Ripon Piscatorial Association.

Contact: 01765692424, Northern Angling

Price: £6 in advance from tackle shop

River Wharfe, Boston Spa, W Yorks

The river at Boston Spa is renowned for its quality stamp of resident chub, which in the past has produced fish to over 7lb, with 5lb and 6lb fish a real possibility. The fish are here in numbers, with big hits of chub not uncommon. Day tickets are available in advance from ‘super shop’ (179B high street, Boston Spa, LS23 6AA)

Price: £4 per day

Contact: Boston Spa Angling, 01937 849848

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