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Looking for a good chub fishing river? Then take a look at our list of the best rivers to visit in the south and visit one this weekend!

• Throop Fishery, Dorset Stour, Bournemouth, Dorset

This famous fishery is home to some monster chub of over 8lb. There are several methods you can use to catch them but some of the biggest hauls are had by trotting maggots. The bottom end of Beat 2 is a great area to start.

Contact: Ringwood Tackle, 01425 475155

Prices (2019): £11 per day, £8 concessions, Ringwood & District AA


• Bristol Avon, Kellaways, Chippenham, Wiltshire

A days roving this wild stretch of river can result in numbers of chub hitting your landing net. The fish average around the 2-3lb mark and are often more than obliging. They take simple baits such as bread, cheese paste or worms presented on short link-legers.

Contact: Premier Angling, 0117 986 7507

Prices (2019): £6 per day, Chippenham AA


• Kings Weir, River Lea, Broxbourne, Hertfordshire

Downstream of this well-known big fish weir pool some very large chub can be found. Already this season fish weighing over 8lb have been caught with multiple 7lb-plus specimens also reported. Float fishing maggots can work well, as can legered pellets and boilies. Take time feeding the swim before casting out to allow the chub to gain confidence. This stretch is reserved for members only and is safely enclosed within a gated area. When you become a member you are given a key that allows access to this stretch. These chub also visit the weirpool area which is available on a day ticket.

Contact: 01992 468394

Prices (2019): £12 day tickets, bookable in advance


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• River Thames, Abingdon-on-Thames, Oxfordshire

Lots of good chub have been caught from this area of the Thames in past seasons, with fish over 7lb reported. Try the weir area for the bigger fish or fish across to the downstream boats. Spraying maggots and fishing the waggler is a good method. For those who wish to use a more static approach baiting a swim with mashed bread in a cage feeder is another proven winner.

Contact: 01235 522642

Prices (2019): £10 per day, £5 concessions


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• River Tone, Fast Stretch, Taunton, Somerset

As the name suggests this narrow and quick section of the River Tone is alive with chub in the 2-4lb bracket. In matches bag weights often go to over 30lb of hard fighting chevins. Trotted maggot, hemp and casters is the most commonly used methods. If you are after the better fish its worth trying a roving approach with legered bread, cheese paste or worm.

Contact: Taunton Angling Centre, 01823 282518

Prices (2019): £7 per day (available online)


• River Culm, Beare Gate, Cullompton, Devon

This wild river runs through some picturesque areas of the Devonshire countryside. It’s the perfect roving angler’s river with a variety of swims to target. Fish to over 5lb have been reported in previous seasons as well as numbers of smaller fish averaging 3lb.

Contact: Exeter Angling Centre, 01392 436404

Prices (2019): £6 per day Exeter & District AA


• The Royalty Fishery, Hampshire Avon, Christchurch, Dorset

It’s been a great season for big chub catches on this famous fishery. Traditionally better known for its barbel fishing, this season has seen chub of 7lb 14oz hit the bank. Boilies are a great bait for these fish and a stealthy approach is often required to tempt one. For those who prefer a more traditional approach, trotted maggots take more than their fair share of chevins averaging 5lb-plus.

Contact: Davis Tackle, 01202 485169


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