Quality assured baits from Spotted Fin

Here is our pick of baits from this progressive company to have on your tray this season…

Quality assured baits from Spotted Fin

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Since its inception in 2016, Spotted Fin has earned a solid reputation for quality baits which deliver consistent results.

It’s a company which prides itself on attention to detail, with an unwavering promise to use only the highest quality ingredients that can only see Spotted Fin grow its reputation still further among UK match, specimen, and carp anglers.

For pleasure anglers searching for easy-to-use baits which will catch lots of fish and won’t break the bank, Spotted Fin has excelled in delivering on all fronts.

Here is our pick of baits from this progressive company to have on your tray this season…

GO2 F1 range

GO2 is Spotted Fin’s match range, and includes everything an angler could need for successful fishing for the ever-popular F1s throughout the season.

This year the range has grown and now consists of groundbaits, hard pellets, expander pellets, wafter hookbaits, a bait boosting spray and a liquid additive.

GO2 F1 range
GO2 F1 range

GO2 F1 Groundbait

A finely-milled bait which mixes easily and is packed with attractors and stimulants designed to hold F1s in your swim. It will cover all situations you may encounter when targeting F1s on the pole or feeder and is available in both light and dark colours for use all year round.

Price: £4.99 (900g), £13.99 (3kg)

F1 Pellets

Two sizes of hard pellet – 2mm and 4mm – which are easy to prepare for moulding around a Method feeder, feeding in small balls, or tapping into your swim via a small pole pot. A go-to bait for many top match anglers, they take on colours and flavours easily too.

Price: £5.99 (900g)

F1 Expander Pellets

Rated by many as the best expanders for F1s, carp and skimmers, these 3mm and 4.5mm baits take on water well but remain durable for perfect hooking. The F1 flavour smells just like peaches and cream!

Price: £4.99 (400g)

F1 Booster Spray

Sprayable additives are huge on the carp scene and give the angler the opportunity to add an extra kick to their hookbaits. This powerful liquid can also be sprayed on to a pellet-packed Method feeder prior to casting to help boost attraction.

Price: £5.99 (50ml)

F1 Liquid Food

A proven bait additive which will help make your feed stand out from the crowd. Full of flavour and attractants, you only need to add small amounts when preparing your pellets or groundbaits.

Price: £6.99 (250ml).

F1 Hi-Viz Fluoro Wafters

Bright in colour and strong on flavour, there’s no way the fish can miss these semi-buoyant baits. Ideal for fishing on a straight lead or a Method feeder, there are two sizes available – 8mm and 10mm.

Price: £3.50 (30g)

F1 Hi-Viz Fluoro Wafters
F1 Hi-Viz Fluoro Wafters


Spotted Fin’s best range of performance groundbaits are ideal for a variety of fishing scenarios. Finely crafted from proven recipes developed by fish scientists and top anglers, these eight mixes are so versatile they’ve become must-have baits on many waters.

The Sweet Super Blend and Carp Super Blend mixes have really stood out so far this season and, with silverfish angling on the rise, anglers have welcomed the special skimmer and bream mixes too.

All the groundbaits come in 900g and 3kg pouches which can be resealed to ensure their freshness between sessions.

Price: £4.99 (900g), £13.99 (3kg)


Carp Super Blend

A heavy, dark blend of pellets with added fishmeals of the highest quality. Great for commercials where big weights are needed, it can be used in the margins or on the Method for carp and F1s.

Margin Super Blend

Formulated for shallow margins when big beds of bait are required to hold carp in the edge. High in food content, containing particles which sit on the bottom without clouding.

Krill Super Blend

Made with a blend of pellets, Antarctic krill meal, crushed shrimp, and fish attractors, this super attractive groundbait can be used for all styles of pole and feeder fishing for all species.

Skimmer Super Blend Sweet A high attraction groundbait for natural and commercial stillwaters. Sweet-smelling with a natural brown colour.

Dark Super Blend

A low feed groundbait for use in the cold, it acts as a carrier for small particles such as micro pellets, chopped worms, and pinkies. Use 50/50 with other groundbaits to lower the feed content and darken them off.

Sweet Super Blend

Created from light pellets with added sweeteners, this is a real all-rounder for open end feeder fishing and the Method due to its rapid breakdown. A favourite with bream, skimmer, F1 and carp anglers.

Feeder Super Blend

If big bags of bream and skimmers are your target this is the mix for you! Packed with attractors and enough food value to hold fish for long periods.

Skimmer Super Blend Spicy

Popular with silverfish anglers looking for a dark-coloured groundbait with an added kick of spice – a great mix in the colder weather.

GO2 Liquid Red & liquid Yellow

All anglers look for an edge over their rivals, and Spotted Fin’s range of liquids can deliver. We particularly like the Liquid Red and Liquid Yellow bait dyes which can transform your micro pellets so they stand out on the bottom. Beware, it’s potent stuff and you don’t need much of the liquid per kilo of bait!

Price: £3.99 (250ml)

GO2 Liquid Red & liquid Yellow
GO2 Liquid Red & liquid Yellow

A message from Spotted Fin…

The focus on quality of bait, rather than profit margins, has been tried many times before – but it’s our passionate resolve and strict commitment to keep our focus on the quality that has surprised many critics, and made Spotted Fin the reputable brand that it has become.

Our philosophy is ingrained in every product we make, and we refuse to bend our values, whatever obstacles we face.


Spotted Fin has a huge range of baits tailored to every angling situation and tactic with groundbaits, pellets, additives, dips, glugs, and hookbaits for all anglers.

Find out more at: www.spottedfin.com

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