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If you are looking for an edge when fishing a commercial carp water during spring, summer, autumn or winter, you will do well by fishing a grain of corn directly over the top of a cloud of liquidised sweetcorn.

Mushed up grains of sweetcorn are absolutely deadly on some commercial waters due to two reasons. Firstly the crushed up kernels produce a yellow, milk-like cloud in the water that disperses flavour throughout the depths pulling fish in from all angles.

Secondly this technique provides masses of attractants but very little food - the only food that the carp will find are small taorn kernels of corn so your whole corn hookbait will stand out like a sore thumb, providing an ideal target for the fish to home in on.

During the winter, when the water temperature is at its lowest, the water is also at its densest. This increase in density means that the cloud spreading out from liquidised corn will linger in the water for longer, attracting fish from far and wide.

Once the fish are attracted to the area, there is little for them to eat except the hookbait. This will mean you get more bites.

Here’s how you make and use it:

  1. Tip the tin of corn, juices and all, into a food processor or blender...
  1. Do not obliterate the kernels when preparing liquidised corn - give the tinful of corn a five to 10 second blitz then check it and repeat if needed.
  1. The finished corn mush should retain a few bits of kernel for the fish to pick over. This helps to hold the fish in the area once the sweet cloud of feed has attracted them.
  1. To feed the liquidised corn you must use a pole cup. Dribble a pinch of corn mush into the cup, carefully ship out to the exact spot you’re fishing and drop it into the water. Look at the cloud that spreads out.


When liquidising sweetcorn, it is possible to add flavours or colours to the mixture to give it a different signature if you wish.

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