Tench fishing baits | How to make Jelly pellets

Summer is here which means it is a perfect time to go out tench fishing. However finding the right bait to use can be quite difficult which is why we've asked bait expert Paul Garner to walk us through this great tench fishing bait so you can try it out at home. 

Pumped expander pellets are ideal for tench and crucians, giving that key soft texture that is so important. 

Adding a small amount of gelatine to the water gives the soft pellets a more robust texture, meaning they will stay on the hook better.

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1) Add a teaspoonful of Scopex No1 flavouring and a similar amount of red powdered dye to a pint of warm water.

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2) Add a sachet of gelatine powder to the warm water and stir constantly until the gelatine crystals have fully dissolved.

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3) Half-fill your pellet pump with 6mm expander pellets and then pour the dyed and flavoured liquid over them. 

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4) Pump the pellets then leave them to stand under pressure for about six minutes, or until they have all sunk, whichever is the sooner.

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5) Release the pressure and pour off the excess liquid. The pellets will still be quite hard, but will soften as they absorb more liquid.


6) Store the pellets in an airtight container. A tablespoonful of squid powder coats the pellets, giving them even more attraction.