The best bream fishing bait mix

Two-time Drennan Cup winner Dai Gribble reveals what his favourite bream fishing spod mix is. Take a look at the four steps below and try it out for yourself next time you're out on the bank bream fishing. 

2nd dps Make my bream mix Step 3 choice1.jpg

1) My feed is made up of a mixture of Sonubaits fishmeal and bread-based groundbaits. I will use Supercrush Bream Feeder as a base for the mix but will darken this off with Super Crumb Black Bream. You can make the mix even stickier by adding Super Crumb River to it, and this helps when you’re making long casts on the Method feeder.

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2) The groundbaits are blended together first and then are mixed up with lots – up to a pint – of liquid molasses. Molasses is quite dense and very soluble, and a trail of it will leak off the groundbait in the undertow, pulling bream from a long distance.

2nd dps Make my bream mix Step 3 choice2.jpg

3) The crumb is supplemented by a mix of Pro Feed and S-Pellet Feed Pellets in 2mm and 4mm sizes – great for keeping fish in the swim for longer – plus a couple of tins of F1 sweetcorn.

2nd dps Make my bream mix Step 4.jpg

4) I also add a small number of the boilies that I use for hookbaits. The critical thing is not to introduce too many of the high-attract baits as free offerings. You want enough for the bream to get a taste for them and hunt them out, but not so many that it reduces the chances of them taking your hookbait.

Generally, I add no more than about 30 boilies, whilst using up to five kilograms of groundbait and pellets.

Dr Paul Garner's 10-minute make | Green method groundbait

You can use a cage feeder loaded with a mixture of groundbait and casters, but often a more effective tactic is to use the same baits moulded around a Method feeder. The feeder is tangle-proof, and its low profile unobtrusive when fished with 4ins hooklengths. 

Dynamite’s Swim Stim Green is my groundbait of choice, and to two pints of groundbait I will add a pint of krill powder. This combo has been very effective everywhere I have used it and is very easy to mix to the right consistency for the feeder. There is no need to go overboard with the casters. A pint is ample, and just as when maggot fishing, I will bulk this out with a similar amount of hemp. 


Add one pint of krill powder to two pints (one bag) of Swim Stim Green groundbait and mix well.

Mix a tablespoonful of sweetcorn extract to each pint of lake water used to mix up your groundbait.

Mix thoroughly and let it stand for a few minutes to allow the water to be fully absorbed. 

Riddle the groundbait to remove any lumps and to ensure it is blended thoroughly. 

Add a small amount of hemp – not too much or it will cause the groundbait to break up.


Add a similar amount of dead maggots or casters to the groundbait mix.