Dr Paul Garner's 10-minute make | The chopped worm method

The Method feeder is a great way of catching tench – the combination of groundbait and chopped worm is hard to beat,  especially with my secret ingredient, Krill powder. 


              Into a bait bowl add three parts of Dynamite Baits’ Swim Stim Green groundbait to                   one part Krill powder. Mix it up dry to start with.



               Wet the groundbait slowly until it will stick well to a flat Method feeder. Leave to                        stand for a while until the water is fully absorbed.


Finely chop a handful of dendrobaena worms so that they are reduced to a fine mush,               then mix the worms into the groundbait.


Use a Quick Stop on a size 12 hair rig to hold a worm in place. The stop can be pushed               through the worm, but will then hold it securely.


Alternatively, try swapping the worm for an artificial caster on the hair. This will often                 produce extra bonus tench.