Presenting bunches of hair rigged maggots for carp and barbel

Have you ever wondered how to fish for carp and barbel with a wriggling bunch of maggots on a hair rig? Well here's how you can do it easily and quickly using Korda's brilliant Maggot Klip.

All too often anglers feel they need to resort to either boilies or a drilled halibut pellet to catch big barbel and carp, but that's the wrong way to approach these species.

Often these big fish have seen boilies and halibut pellets many times before, ending up on the unhooking mat, straddled by an angler holding a pair of forceps. A thinking angler will have realised this and come armed with something different - maybe a pint tub full of juicy, wriggling maggots.

A bunch of maggots can often lead to the downfall of big carp and barbel, but knowing how to present these live baits effectively can confuse many anglers. Thats' why the brilliant Korda Maggot Klip was crated.

Here's how to use one...


1. A size 10 hook and a Korda Maggot Klip are all you need for this rig. I favour using the Klip on a supple, coated braid or a light fluorocarbon in the winter when the water is gin-clear.


2. My favourite sizes of Klip are the small and x-small. It works on a simple latch principle, the maggots are threaded onto the sharp point of the Klip and then the gate is closed, easy as that!


3. Simply tie the Klip to the end of a length of your chosen hooklink with a suitable knot, this is a three turn grinner. It takes seconds to tie and is very secure.


4. Set where the Klip is required in relation to the hook and tie off with a standard knotless knot. I like a reasonable length hair to keep the maggots away from the hook point.


5. Now thread some maggots on the Klip. Try not to burst the grubs, they stay active for much longer and will be more attractive to the carp. A big ball of wriggling maggots is better than a bunch of dead ones.


6. Shut the gate closure once you’ve put as many maggots as you want on the Klip. It is the quickest and most secure way to attach maggots to a standard carp rig. As the main picture shows, you can also use a lump of cork to pop-up the bait.