Preparing and flavouring expander pellets using a pellet pump

Most expander pellets float if they are used dry, straight from the bag. To make them sink, so you can use them to catch carp, bream, tench and crucian carp, you will have to prepare them correctly. That means using a pellet pump.

Pellet pumps come in all shapes, sizes and colours, but they all perform exactly the same function – to remove air from the pellets and replace the air with water. That’s what makes the pellets sink.

But did you know that you can flavour your pellets too, to make them even more appealing to the fish? You can flavour them while using the pellet pump. Here’s how to do it…








1. Tip the amount of pellets that you need for your session into your pellet pump. Now fill the pellet pump container with enough water to ensure that all the pellets float.

2. It is at this stage that you add a squirt of your chosen flavour, if you so wish.

3.Now securely attach the pump to the container and pump it 10 times. Now release the lid to allow the air to escape and re-attach the top and pump it 10 times again. The pellets will now have sunk to the bottom of the container.

4. Once they have been pumped, the pellets can be tipped out over a sieve or riddle and transferred into a clean bait box. Now, to keep the pellets fresh and to stop them from drying out, tip just enough water over the pellets to cover them.

5.Some match anglers prefer to prepare their pellets on the bank immediately before they begin their match or session, but you don’t have to do this. You can prepare the pellets the night before, tip them out to drain them and immediately bag them up. Squeeze the bag to remove any excess air, twist the neck, seal it and store in a fridge overnight.