How to prepare sticky micro pellets

Micro pellets need to be prepared quite differently to normal fishery pellets. Instead of soaking them it is much better to very slowly add water directly to the pellets, just as you would if mixing groundbait. This stops them breaking down and turning into concrete! 

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seq 1.jpg

1) Add a good glug of Scopex Squid Syrup to a pint of water and stir well until the syrup has dispersed.

seq 2.jpg

2) Mix a handful of 3mm pellets with a bagful of sticky micro pellets and put the pellets into a shallow mixing bowl.

seq 3.jpg

3) Slowly add the liquid while keeping the pellets moving all the time. Only add more water once the initial liquid has been absorbed. 

seq 4.jpg

4) When the pellets have reached the right consistency they should stick together when compressed in your hand, but break down to a mush when rubbed.