How to pimp out your pellets

Find out how to make your pellets irresistible with Steve Gregory'svery simple but effective recipe that will not only help you catch more but also keep those F1s in your swim for longer. 

This is all done by soaking the pellets and then adding a bit of extra spice in the form of dry paste powder, which will help them bind into a ball and adds attraction.

Feeding should be regulated to bites. On a good day, he’ll easily get through eight pints of bait. When the fish are being funny, this will be cut back to a ball every four or five fish.

Follow the step-by-step guide below to try it yourself!

Add paste powder 

Pop the pellets into a bowl and pour on some paste powder. 

Coat your pellets 

Add enough to give them just a light coating when mixed in.

Add your water

Now pour in water so that every pellet is covered – just.

Soak the pellets

This is what they look like when soaked but they can’t be used yet!

The finished pellets

Left to stand for half an hour, the pellets have swollen.