How to make spicy barbel paste

Among the most versatile winter baits are pastes, not only because they leach out their atttraction much faster than tougher baits, but because they break down in a matter of hours if they are not eaten. By using a ready-mixed curry paste it’s very quick and easy to make your own barbel baits with a really strong, spicy flavour that barbel adore. 

seq 1.jpg

1) Break a large egg into a mixing bowl. Egg acts as a binder and makes the paste last longer.

seq 2.jpg

2) Add a teaspoonful of the Tikka paste and a similar amount of anchovy paste to one egg. Alternatively, you could use curry powder, but the ready-made mix is much easier to use and has a better flavour.

seq 3.jpg

3) Mix the egg and paste well. Add food dye now if you with to alter the colour of the finished bait.

seq 4.jpg

4) Add boilie base mix or paste powder to the egg. Mix, but stop while the paste is still quite soft.

seq 5.jpg

5) Rest the paste for 10 minutes so it firms up. Now put it into an airtight bag to stop it drying out. Mould some paste around a boilie or, better still, a wafter for a more buoyant bait.