How to boost your boilie attraction with Paul Garner

I like to boost my boilie hookbaits in several different ways to increase their instant and long-term attraction. If you are fishing in the margins, or spodding out bait, then this is the mixture that I favour.

SEQ 1.jpg

1) Put together a mixture of different sized boilies, all with the same flavour.

2) Next, crumble some more boilies, again of the same flavour, into the mix.

SEQ 3.jpg

3) Pour some hot water over the baits – just enough to cover them will be sufficient.

SEQ 4.jpg

4) Add a teaspoonful of liquid food to each pint of boilies. My favourite is Scopex Squid.

SEQ 5.jpg

5) Add some hemp oil or tiger nut extract to the soaking baits.

SEQ 6.jpg

6) Leave the baits to soak and soften for about an hour.