Hair-rigging pellets using the lasso method

There are many ways to hair-rig hard pellets, but some of these methods require a drill or a bottle of Superglue. But what happens if you don't have either of those things? What do you do then?

It's actually possible to tie a large halibut pellet onto a hook hair, using a neat lasso formed from your hooklink material - and that can be either mono or braid - either will do the job effectively.

If the hooklength you are using happens to be a coated braid, you'll need to strip back quite a lot to enable you to tie your pellet on effectively.

So, here's how to tie it in eight simple steps...


1. Make a loop in your hooklength, you’re going to tie a grinner knot

2. Thread the end through the loop.


3. Make sure you pass it through at least four times.

4. Tighten down the loop - but not too far!


5. Slip the pellet into the noose you’ve created.

6. Trim off the tag end with a sharp pair of scissors.


7. Using the knotless knot, attach the hook.

8. Using another grinner knot, attach the swivel. The rig is now finished.