Fishing bait | How to flavour your luncheon meat

When fishing with meat there are a few things i like to do, the first is frying my luncheon meat. Most of the time I am more than happy to use meat straight from the packet or tin, but there are times when altering its appearance can bring extra bites.

However I am a big fan of flavouring these baits rather than colouring them, although red meat seems to be all the rage. Do yourself a favour and try giving them a flavour boost too. You don’t have to restrict yourself to savoury flavours either. Sweet additives, such as Scopex No.1, are just as effective, so don’t be afraid to ring the changes. Check out the step-by-step guide below

Chop a tin into 6mm cubes the night before fishing – a meat cutter makes this an easy task.

Add a teaspoonful of flavouring to each tin in a sealed bait container and shake well.

Add a squirt of liquid colouring. Once again, shake well to apply the additive evenly to the cubes. 

For an extra twist, add a pinch of powdered additive – squid, and fishmeal groundbait, are great.