Fishing Bait | Barbel boilies

Bait expert Dr. Paul Garner talks you through how to create some of the most irresistible boilies to help you land yourself a personal best barbel.

Rolling round boilies can be a pain, but luckily there’s a much easier way to make these baits, which will be a different shape and texture to anything you can buy. Chopped boilies have caught me barbel to 16lb-plus. Bait companies produce dedicated boilie hookbait kits, containing base mix and liquid additives – perfect for boilie chops.

Crack a large egg into a mixing bowl and add the supplied liquid additives.


Add a teaspoonful of salmon oil to the liquids and mix well. This makes the baits less sticky.

Slowly add the powdered base mix, stirring all the time to ensure that the bait is thoroughly mixed.

Stop mixing when the paste is still a bit wet and leave for five minutes until liquid is absorbed. 

Sprinkle base mix on a chopping board and flatten paste into a 0.5ins thick disc with a rolling pin. 

Boil the flattened disc of paste in a large pan of water for two minutes. 

Let the paste stand for around 30 minutes to cool down on a sheet of kitchen towel.

Freeze the bait like this and break it up into bait-sized chunks when you arrive on the bank.