Dr Paul Garner's 10- minute make | The maggot bait rig

When weed makes feeder fishing difficult I reach for the PVA bags and switch to an inline-lead system, which is much less likely to snag. A fine-mesh PVA stick filled with maggots and a pinch of groundbait is just as effective as a feeder and melts away in a couple of minutes, leaving just a pile of bait on the bottom. 

I recommend tying up a short braided hooklink of about 6ins in length. I always use soft 15lb braid to a size 12 forged hook when I’m tenching.

These nifty Bag Clips from Avid Carp enable a PVA stick to be added instantly to the rig, which is much more effective and tangle-proof than hooking it on.

Put a piece of dissolving foam into the narrow PVA mesh. Ensure that the PVA is a fine weave that maggots cannot escape from.

Now fill the PVA mesh with a palm-sized helping of maggots mixed with a small amount of damp groundbait. 

Compact the maggot/groundbait mix as much as possible before tying off the bag, as this will help it fly straight on the cast. 

Now nick the hook in the base of the bag, so that the point is covered by the dissolving