Best carp fishing groundbait mix

A simple fishmeal-based mix will catch plenty of carp, but I do like to add a couple of proven additives and a handful of larger feed items to keep the fish grubbing around. This is a great mix of mine to get you started, but the choice of ingredients really is endless. 

seq 1.jpg

The base mix is ground pellet groundbait specifically for Method fishing, as this will bind very well.

seq 2.jpg

Add a small amount of crushed hemp to add attraction and some activity to the mix.

seq 3.jpg

Squid Powder added to the dry ingredients will increase the bait’s carp-attracting properties. 

seq 4.jpg

Into a pint of water goes a teaspoonful of food dip or liquid additive as a soluble attractor.

seq 5.jpg

Slowly add liquid to the powdered ingredients. After five minutes you can add more water if required.

seq 6.jpg

Boilie flake adds extra food value to the groundbait that will keep carp grubbing around for ages. 

seq 7.jpg

Add 6mm feed pellets to further boost food content. Go easy or the mix won’t bind to the feeder. 

seq 8.jpg

The mix should stick together but still break down into crumb when rubbed between your hands.