6 awesome silvers groundbaits

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Groundbaits for silverfish were in use long before commercial fisheries arrived. Van Den Eynde and Sensas pioneered early mixes for roach and bream, and many of these old-school mixes still earn a place in the bait bag. Here we showcase six of the best silverfish mixes, including a couple of long-lived favourites...

Sensas Sweet Fishmeal Magic

One of the most popular Continental groundbaits of all time, this sickly-sweet fluffy attractor is a proven summer favourite with all fish – but especially skimmers.

With the additional flavour enhancement of high-quality fishmeals, it now has even more pulling power for carp and F1s.

Trials have confirmed this groundbait to be a superb base when used in conjunction with micro pellets, sweetcorn and chopped worms.

Price: £4.25 (1kg), www.sensas.com

Dynamite Swim Stim silver-fish mixes

These two new mixes have a low-feed value for targeting skimmers and roach. Dark and Original colours suit clear and coloured water.

The sweet mixes contain blended fishmeals and finely-ground Swim Stim pellets which, when wetted, produce a fine fluffy groundbait suitable for balling or cupping in, or moulding around a feeder.

Price: £4.45 (900g), www.dynamitebaits.com

Bait-tech Pro Natural Bream Dark and Natural

Bait-Tech Pro Natural Bream groundbaits are designed for use on rivers and natural stillwaters. Packed with sweet Brazem flavour, they’re rich in milled Coconut, molasses and hemp, and have a very sweet aroma.

Pro Natural’s base ingredients are sticky, helping it to bind well and making it perfect for carrying feed offerings such as maggots, casters, hemp and pellets.

Price: £5.49 (1.5kg), www.bait-tech.com

Sonu So Natural Range

Being able to mix these together provides you with groundbait to suit any natural venue or the conditions on the day. For example, Natural River can be used to add stickiness to any mix or, for an active lighter mix, use So Natural Lake.

For a super-sweet mix with a high food content, increase the amount of So Natural Bream – the possibilities are endless.

For feeder anglers, Sonu Superfeeder has a medium particle texture that is perfect for quality roach, skimmers and bream

Price: So Natural £4.99 (1kg), Superfeeder £7.99 (2kg), www.sonubaits.com

Ringers Sweet Fishmeal Groundbait

Two years of exhaustive field-trials went into producing Ringers Feeder Gold Groundbait. The rich golden easy to mix recipe is as much at home on natural venues as it is on commercial fisheries, Irish loughs or big European waters.

This inert mix has a superb soft, fluffy texture that is perfect for feeder or pole tactics. It’s ideal for
all fish species, but is particularly likedby hybrids, skimmers and bream.

Price: £3.99 (1kg)

Van Den Eynde Superroach

One of the very best specialist roach mixes ever created, Superroach was developed years ago by triple World Champion Marcel Van Den Eynde. The biscuit-based recipe contains 25 separate ingredients including hemp, fennel and many other finely milled seeds and pulses.

The result is a rich aromatic groundbait with active ingredients to keep the fish searching for food. This flexible groundbait can be mixed dry for shallow venues or overwetted for deeper, fast-flowing waters.

Price: £4.59 (1kg)

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