Zebco Coarse Artificial Bait Set

A massive collection of more than 300 individual artificial baits. All essential for all coarse fish Boilies, maggots, corn, braded, hemp, casters and many more. Supplied in a neat little storage box.

  • 10x artificial Boilie 12mm Vanilla Chartreuse
  • 10x artifical Boilie 12mm Caramel-Orange
  • 10x artifical Boilie 12mm Chocolate, replacement Shrimp
  • 10x artificial Pellets, 10mm, replacement 20mm
  • 10x artificial Pellets 5mm, replacement 16mm
  • 25x artifical Maggots white
  • 25x artifical Maggots yellow
  • 25x artifical Maggots pink
  • 25x artifical Sweetcorn yellow
  • 25x artifical Sweetcorn pink
  • 25x artifical Sweetcorn orange
  • 5x artificial Tigernuts
  • 5x artificial Tigernuts
  • 25x artificial Casters
  • 25x artificial Hemp
  • 40x artificial Bloodworm
  • 10x artificial Cocoon 40mm
  • 10x artificial Cocoon 20mm

CODE: ZE1482
RRP £17.99