Looking for the perfect companion to the Daiwa Powermesh Float rod

The eye-catching new front drag Ninja Match reels in 3012 and 4012 sizes are both suitable for floatfishing, although you may find the larger one a little bit
on the heavy side if you’re holding the rod for sustained periods. 

Air Rotor, Twist Buster, Air Bail and a spare spool all come as standard, and geared-down oscillations furnish the reels with substantial retrieving power.

Price: £49.99

Nash BP-12 Fast Drag fishing reel

This great looking Fast Drag big pit reel has all-black looks, and its large capacity spool is made for challenging venues, long casts, and the boating out of baits to extreme range. 

Features include dual spot line clips, line guard spool system, level wind line-lay, and an oversized line roller to reduce line twist on the retrieve. 

The single-turn front Fast Drag system is easy to operate and precision set, while the CNC-machined ergonomic handle includes an isotope slot, something we’ve never seen before on any reel.