See MAP's amazing new reel line clip invention

Angling Times can this week reveal what is being billed as the biggest development in reel design for over a decade.

MAP is set to launch a new reel that features an ACS (Auto Clip System) – a development that allows the clip to automatically disengage should a big fish be hooked.

That means you can fish safely ‘clipped-up’ for casting accuracy, safe in the knowledge that an aggressive bite will not leave you scrambling to release the line for fear of snapping off.

That makes ACS both fish and angler-friendly!

MAP brand manager Mike Robinson told Angling Times: “Reels are a very difficult area of fishing tackle to innovate and improve on because what can you actually do that will ultimately advance them?

“Well, I think we have now managed to break new ground and the innovation is a system that will benefit many different kinds of angler, from match, to specimen, to pleasure.”

This latest technology will be found on the new MAP ACS freespool-style reel, although it is expected that the ACS system will quickly filter through to other models.

The new MAP free-spool reel with the ACS 4000 clip system has a powerful worm shaft drive, anti-twist line roller, smooth line lay and a double handle for added balance.

It will be available from the end of this month with an expected retail price of £69.99, with spare spools costing £9.99.