Matt Hayes' TFGear releases new commercial fishery short rod range

TFGear, the Powys-based fishing tackle brand owned by angling superstar Matt Hayes, is about to launch an innovative new range of short rods. The four-rod range, known as the Compact Commercial series, features a 10ft float rod, 10ft feeder rod, an 8ft feeder rod and a 10ft 2.5lb tc carp rod.

Prices start from as little as £59.99 for the Compact Commercial carp and increase to £79.99 for the Compact Commercial feeder. And, if you are looking for a new rod and you target commercial fisheries or use pegs with restricted space, this ground-breaking Compact range should be on your wish list.

In terms of style, design and performance, these rods are as close to
perfection as you will ever get. Every small detail has been thought
through, rigorously field-tested and finely tuned by Matt to give you an edge every time you hit the bank.

Crucially, casting accuracy is noticeably better with short rods, as TFGear product manager Allan Crawford-Plane told AT.

“In parrot-cage swims, casting accurately can be nigh-on impossible when using conventional-length rods. But using a shorter rod allows the angler more manoeuvrability, and will undoubtedly improve your casting,” said Allan.

“Also, playing fish on a short rod is so much smoother and efficient, making it a far more pleasurable experience. TFGear Compact rods are constructed from exceptional carbon fibre blanks that you can count on. And they are all assembled using the best components, giving a refined custom build quality and feel. Remember, all the Compact Commercial rods carry an un¬conditional lifetime guarantee.”

All four rods are constructed around high modulus carbon blanks and fitted throughout with top-grade guides and reel fittings. In addition, the lifetime unconditional guarantee offered from TFGear covering the Compact Commercial range should instill added confidence in their resilience and durability.

“In the UK, we have an obsession for fishing with long rods ¬ 12ft and 13ft are the norm for many of our styles of fishing and, until recently, no one has challenged the idea. When you think about it, though, long rods are inappropriate for most of the fishing that we do here in the UK, simply because most anglers never have to cast more than 60yds, and these rods will all handle that distance with ease. “When playing a big fish, these short, 10-footers are a joy and they are much easier to use.  Try using them in tight, overgrown swims or where there are awkward overhanging trees and you will really feel the benefits of using a short rod.”