Greys bring out G-Tec Tuff Tube Holdall

While this may look like a traditional rod quiver, it is in fact a new design from Greys that has a rigid central compartment.

It is part of the G-Tec line-up and is known as a Tuff Tube Holdall. The stiff main tube keeps a holdall rigid, which makes it more functional for loading, also offers greater support for your rods once they are strapped in place.

You can use the holdall with standard 2.5ins rod tubes or alternatively Tuff Tube Quiver Sleeves are available from £16.99 to £19.99, and these allow you to transport the rods ready assembled!

The Tuff Tube is available in three sizes to suit two-rod, three-rod and four-rod set-ups.

Price £44.99 to £54.99