Garbolino's G-Max pole is top of the fishing class


A couple of weeks ago AT revealed that French pole giant Garbolino had replaced its best-selling G796 pole with this new G-Max 700.
Early feedback from retailers was positive, some suggesting that the new 16m G-Max was ‘the best sub-£1,000 pole they had seen’.
To win comments like that it has to be something rather special – further investigation was needed, so I called Garbolino gaffer Darren Cox and secured a sample pole for an on-the-bank test.
Fine, he said, as long as I called him back after the test to tell him what I thought.
Sitting at the water’s edge and
assembling the pole to its full 16m I soon began to realise how special it really was. Having already fitted a solid size 16 elastic through one of the new Power-Lite wide bore kits that come as part of the standard package, it was obvious that the new lighter top-kits would certainly not impede performance or handling, even when fished at the full 16m with a heavy elastic The long sections combine with the 2.8m Power-Lite kits that fit straight into the fourth section to give an amazing sense of balance and forward lightness for a pole with such impressive wall strength.
Shipping out a light, shallow rig with barely 10ins of line between the pole-tip and the float is not always an easy task, but with the G-Max it was stupidly easy – no undue tip bounce, no mid-section length wobble, and absolutely no sticking in the hand, even on the butt sections. Everything just flowed.
Constantly flipping over a small pellet rig at 16m and feeding a few pellets without having the pole-tip dragging through the water, tangling the rig or sending a shockwave through the sections is something you simply don’t  get unless the pole has the right rigidity and balance.
This is a polefishing method
pretty much unachievable at 16m except with a top-of-the-range model normally costing in excess of two grand. Until now, that is!
The Garbo G-Max has more
balance and rigidity than many
top-end poles, and
is straighter than an undertaker’s coat.
Playing fish of any size on the
G-Max is a sheer delight, and even if you get a foul-hooked fish that charges off at a rate of knots, you never get that ‘I’ll just look away and hope for the best’ feeling.
All joints are reinforced and slide together effortlessly, and not once throughout the live test did they move a single millimetre.
All things considered, I would have to agree with the trade. For the price, this is by far the best pole for commercial fisheries that I have handled so far this season.
I duly rang Darren to give him my verdict. Although over the moon with the outcome, he explained that the pole wasn’t without its ‘problems’.
“The G-Max 700 was launched in mid-April and we have been more than delighted with the response from dealers and fishermen.
“But I would ask our customers to be patient with us over the next six weeks, as we cannot keep up with the demand,” explained Darren.
“The G-Max 700 has a new ‘feel’ to it and it just seems right when in the hand. We knew we had come up with something very special for the price when the final production sample was completed.
“For £999.99 it is unbelievably good value, and the package deal will give most anglers all they need in one go!” he added.
If you need a further incentive to buy it then it comes with a free day’s fishing and tuition at one of Garbolino’s Angling Academies up and down the country where you will get to fish with the likes of Darren and match ace Neil Machin.
“Not only do you get the best
sub-£1,000 pole available, we will also show you how to get the best out of it!” concluded Darren.


G-Max 700 16m pole
Top kits: 4 x 2.85m Power top kits; 1 x 4.4m Match top-3
Extras: Garbolino holdall
Price: RRP £1,499.99
Special offer price: £999.99