Acorn Fishery match won with 105lb of small perch

In an age when carp make up the mainstay of 100lb-plus bags in commercial matches, Paul Faiers showed there’s still room for smaller species by recording an astonishing 105lb haul of perch during a contest last week.

The Bristol-based angler caught an incredible 180 stripeys during an action-packed few hours at Acorn Fishery, near Bristol, but it could have been an even bigger hit had the Sensas Thyers matchman not wasted the first part of the match fruitlessly targeting carp.

Paul fished close in on the pole using classic chopped worm tactics on the specimen lake at the Kingston Seymour venue. After an initial spell of inactivity fishing pellets and corn for carp, the 50-year-old reached into his carryall for a bag of worms and fed two full pole cups of choppie at 3m. From that point on, he didn’t look back.

“I didn’t even know what was in the lake and initially just baited up close in to catch some silverfish. But as soon as I dropped in, the peg was solid with perch, perch and more perch! The fish averaged 6oz¬8oz, but ran to an impressive 1lb 4oz.”

Paul soon began to run out of bait, but fortunately he was given a pint of maggots by a passing carp angler. His successful rig was a 4 x No14 (0.4g) pole float incorporating strung-out Styl weights to slow the descent of the hookbait, 4lb mainline, a size 14 hook and doubled up No8 elastic.

Meanwhile, Rob Pottinger took top honours in Matchfishing’s Garbolino Club Angler of the Year final at Barston Lakes, in Solihull, with an impressive 54lb of perch.

The Harrow angler targeted an inlet pipe down the edge with three sections of pole and soon got among the perch. Using 0.14mm line in conjunction with No10-12 Drennan hollow core elastic, Rob took a constant stream of fish to 1lb 8oz in his haul, but could have weighed in a lot more had an estimated 25lb of the notoriously hard-mouthed species not shed his size 16 hook.